Conserving bandwidth

Buffering can also be caused by issues unrelated to the Multiview. Live cam streaming uses a high volume of bandwidth and computer processing, even with a single player.

To save more bandwidth, decrease the stream quality. Move your cursor to the bottom right of the video player and you will see a “gear” icon for Youtube streams and “Best” for UStream. Click these for stream quality options. Selecting a lower quality will help conserve bandwidth.



You can also use our pop-out player feature. Along the right-hand side of the player you will see the “POP Screen” icon. Selecting this option detaches the player from the page so you can close everything else and still watch your favorite stream. This option does not allow you to see comments, however.

Hiding the explore Multiview player will reduce bandwidth as well. Click the 'Hide Alternate Views' option below the player and the related videos will stop streaming.